Designing the Optimal Military Lactation Room

So you've been tasked with providing your lactating employees a space to pump or breastfeed privately. No problem - with the integration of a few key features into a private space, we'll help you solve the matter in no time.


As you consider how to design for a lactating employee, think about a space that instills relaxation and calm. As milk let-down is both a physiological and emotional experience, it's important to incorporate sensory experiences that help her feel calm, secure, and cared for. 

Must have design elements:

  • a lockable door to ensure no walk-ins
  • a comfortable seat 
  • a clean and easy-to-clean environment
  • outlets conveniently located to charge pumps, computers and cell phones
  • a mirror (essential to readjust clothing post pump or feeding)
  • calming color tones and/or artwork
  • a fan or white noise machine

Curious to learn how our Mamava lactation suites accommodates these needs? Check out our Capabilities Statement.

Nice to have design elements:

  • a sink for cleaning pump parts and milk
  • a refrigerator (so moms needn't keep their breast milk in the staff fridge)
  • a tea pot and lactation tea
  • footrest
  • a window for natural light (with a curtain for privacy)
  • a note board to pin images and/or leave notes for other moms
  • a speaker to play soft music
  • a stock of essentials: wipes, nipple cream, extra pump parts
  • Mamava's guided lactation meditation

Whether you decide to buy a Mamava suite or build a well designed room, both will ultimately meet the goal of supporting our breastfeeding mamas.  

Smart and simple lactation spaces.

Other useful resources as you begin to navigate lactation solutions:


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