Why Throw a Breastfeeding Shower? Because It's All About "The Girls"

Mamas-to-be need a lot for the baby: onesies, diapers, and the list goes on. But what supplies do moms need to be successful at breastfeeding?

We get it. Moms-to-be have enough to worry about without the added pressures of a ton of opinions about breastfeeding. At Mamava we believe in a judgement-free zone when it comes to choosing to breastfeed, but we also know it takes a community of family, friends, and employer support to be successful.

Throwing a breastfeeding themed shower for a soon-to-be new mom who's decided to try breastfeeding is a creative way to make sure she has everything she needs...before she needs it.

It's also a great way to show support for breastfeeding and its many health benefits for both baby and mama. And best of all, it's a fun way to celebrate the “the girls, tatas, boobies” and the body's amazing ability to make milk.

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This spring we celebrated our own Mamava mamas with a breastfeeding themed shower, and have put together an "all about the girls" shower kit, including the ultimate registry of breastfeeding essentials.

Download breastfeeding shower and registry kit

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Design a whimsical invitation that highlights the breastfeeding theme and prepares your guests for a fun new way to celebrate pregnant mamas. 


Good Eats

Plan a menu that plays with pairing for visual effect: two cakes, two quiches, and two grapefruit halves (with cherries as nipples) on an overflowing fruit platter. Make a simple punch with pink grapefruit juice and seltzer filled with orange slices strategically topped with a frozen raspberry. Get inspired with our menu! ©Shem Roose-7438.jpg©Shem Roose-7395.jpg

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Think tatas in twos! We used paper lanterns and pom poms in a range of skin tone colors from the baby shower section in our local craft store. Srategically placed doilies and small glued on dots complete the full effect.

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Ask guests to bring their own baby pictures and put them on display for a fun "who's who" guessing game and a celebration of babies through the generations! ©Shem Roose-7370.jpgMoms develop a love/hate relationship with breast pumping, so help them get those feelings out early! Make a playful version of the traditional piñata with a "Pumpyata" and fill it with round candy like M&Ms, gumballs, and licorice discs.

Pumpyata.jpgCelebrate Breastfeeding

Breasts are fun and functional, and babies are beautiful and amazing, but new mamas need a lot of help, encouragement, and information when it comes to breastfeeding. Show your support and help them stock up on all the supplies they don't know they need. They'll thank you later when they've gotten some sleep! 
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 Photo credit: Shem Roose Imagery  

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