Help for "Beautiful, Messy Transition" into Motherhood: A New Book By Kate Rope

 Author Kate Rope.  Photo: Heidi Geldhauser

Kate Rope wants all mamas to to know that the transition into motherhood isn't easy, that society's standards for parenting are often unrealistic, that self-care and support are critical to enjoying the journey—and "good enough" parenting means you're doing a great job.


Laugh, Cry, Love: Writer Kimberly Harrington Talks Motherhood and Her New Book

Author Kimberly Harrington with her son just after returning to work post-maternity leave. Photo: Alex Williams

Motherhood can make you a crybaby; force you to face your fears, own up to your imperfections, let go of what you can't control, find your true friends—and see the humor, beauty, and impermanence of it all, according to a new book by Kimberly Harrington.


Pumpcast 30: "Go Mama" Travel Giveaway

Mamava and Alaska Airlines are giving away two flights anywhere Alaska flies. So pack your bags and get outta town, mama!  Enter to win here

Real mamas keepin' it real. 

In Episode 30 Annie and Nikkie offer key travel tips for breastfeeding mamas.  


Pumpcast 29: Poop-#2

Everything you ever wanted to know about breastfeeding babies and poop. And then some. 

Real mamas keepin' it real. 

In Episode 29 Annie and Nikkie reflect on what helps and hinders baby poop. 


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