Why A Storage Closet Is Not A Lactation Room

Photo: Work. Pump. Repeat.

Becoming a new mom is wonderful and lifechanging. Returning to work as a new mom, however, can be a whole different story. Finding an appropriate place to pump can be a huge source of stress for working breastfeeding moms.  Many workplaces still don't provide moms with private, clean, and comfortable spaces to express milk. So what do moms need when it comes to a place to pump? 


Designing the Optimal Lactation Room

You understand what it takes to be compliant with Federal standards, but what does it take to ensure your lactation room is truly serving its breastfeeding moms? 


Are you in compliance with breastfeeding laws?

Use this 2-question checklist to find out.

A woman’s right to breastfeed is protected by both state and federal laws. The 2010 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) "Break Time for Nursing Mothers" ensures that breastfeeding protections also extend to the workplace. Is your business in compliance with the law?


8 Things To Know Before Building a Lactation Room


The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to provide a secure and private lactation room for breastfeeding employees to pump at work. But should you build a room or buy a lactation space?  Here are eight factors to consider.


Mamava “Lactation Pod” Coming to NeoCon 2016

First of its kind freestanding Mamava lactation suite provides pumping or breastfeeding moms with a space designed just for them.

Chicago, IL – May 24, 2016 – Mamava, creator of design solutions for nursing mamas on the go, is a first time exhibitor at NeoCon 2016. Now moms attending Neocon will have a clean, comfortable, and private space to use a breast pump or breastfeed. 


What services do you need?

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