Mamava + Zappos = The Breast Customer Service Around

Atlanta International Airport has earned the title of the world's busiest airport with more than 275,000 people passing through every day.  But now, thanks to a partnership with Zappos, it might also be the best airport for traveling mamas who need clean private spaces to plug in a breast pump or breastfeed an easily distracted baby!


Fly Fearlessly With Breast Milk: Your TSA Rights in Plain English

We’ve all heard the horror stories about moms (and dads) traveling with breast milk and the TSA agents who make them prove their breast milk actually is breast milk and then contaminate it. Or just as bad, dump it out. Nothing makes us madder than wasted breast milk because we know that pumping takes precious time, energy, and logistical planning. But a lot of moms don’t know their rights because, let’s face it, the TSA guidelines are vague and confusing.

So before you book your next flight, here’s what you need to know.


Mamava Momentum in Miami

Sascha and I just returned from our pilgrimage to Miami for the launch of eight “MiaMamas” at the Miami International Airport. It is true that a picture is worth its weight in gold. Seeing the Mamavas in person with their unique and beautiful “MiaMamas” design by Sonya Mon was a very moving experience.


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