Breastfeeding Is Hard, Even If You're a Doctor 

Doctors who are moms aren't able to meet the breastfeeding guidelines—due to a lack of on-the-job accommodations. All working mothers, from baristas to teachers to physicians need schedule flexibility and private spaces to pump. 


Hoops and Boobs: The Breastfeeding Mama's Basketball Playbook 

What do breastfeeding and basketball have in common? More than you'd think. Here's a handy list of hoop terms that also work for new mamas.


The Enlightened Guy’s Guide to Supporting Breastfeeding Mamas


When it comes to breastfeeding, it seems like everyone on social media has an opinion. And even when those opinions are supporting breastfeeding, when they come from guys they sometimes come across as, well, mansplaining. To moms.  So here we offer three ways guys can get on board and get behind all mamas.


Pumped On Progress For International Women's Day

Breast milk has the awesome ability to sustain human life, boost brain power, and bolster immunity. So why isn’t everyone in the world marveling at the super power of breastfeeding mamas? Why are women still shamed for putting babies to breast in public spaces (it's an issue in India, too) and left to pump breast milk in dirty bathrooms and supply closets? Because change is slow. Revolutions take time, and they require persistence and patience. The good news: here in the United States, we’re seeing signs of progress.


Leaving The Nest

I first came to 47 Maple Street in 1995, two years after I graduated from the University of Vermont, and a month after JDK Design moved in to the building now called The Karma Bird House.  At the time, only the top floor was completely built out, and the rest was extremely rough warehouse space. It took Michael and Giovanna Jager’s vision, will power, and years of hard work to finish the space.  


Get Down With Your Let-Down: The Ultimate Breast Pumping Playlist To Let It Flow

Moms might be the busiest people around. And for breastfeeding mamas, this means pumping at work or on the go. Making time to pump on a schedule and finding the right place to plug in are both challenging. But another challenge is getting your mind and body into the right space for let-down when you’re away from your baby. We created a playlist, “Sounds For Let-Down,” to help cue the let-down reflex so you can get down with your pumping (and move on to the other things you need to cross off your list).  Our sounds are designed to be as short as you need or as long as you want so you can enjoy a mini-spa anywhere, anytime. And best of all? The playlist lives on our Mamava app and fits in your pocket.  


5 Lactation Room Fails (And How To Avoid Them) 

For new moms returning to work, there may be no greater intersection between their personal lives and their professional identities than pumping breast milk.  Breastfeeding women need both time and a clean private space to plug in a breast pump. In addition, they need to pump multiple times a day on a regular schedule to maintain their milk supply and avoid painful engorgement. But expressing milk at work can make for uncomfortable situations when lactation rooms aren’t specifically designed around the physical and physiological needs of breast pumping. If your goal is to provide thoughtful user-centered lactation spaces for working mothers, you’ll want to avoid these five common mistakes.


Mamava + Zappos = The Breast Customer Service Around

Atlanta International Airport is the world's busiest airport with more than 275,000 people passing through every day. But thanks to a partnership with Zappos, it's now one of the best airports for traveling mamas who need private spaces to pump or breastfeed an easily distracted baby.


Pumpcast Special Edition: Mamava Partners With Zappos Which Means Something For Every Booby

In this special Pumpcast edition, mamas Nikkie and Annie announce the good news about the new Atlanta pods! Mamava partnered with Zappos to deliver happiness and a calm oasis for traveling mamas when and where they need it most. 


Pumpcast 36: Winter Cold Season

Baby, it's cold outside! One mama talks tips and strategies for staying healthy and surviving winter cold season. The other mama? Yup, she's out sick. 

In this episode Nikkie shares one of her secrets for keeping her babies healthy during the winter months. Hint: it involves breast milk. 

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