Mamava Momentum in Miami

Sascha and I just returned from our pilgrimage to Miami for the launch of eight “MiaMamas” at the Miami International Airport. It is true that a picture is worth its weight in gold. Seeing the Mamavas in person with their unique and beautiful “MiaMamas” design by Sonya Mon was a very moving experience.

MIA represents the largest installation of Mamavas to date at any location in the entire country, so this is a big deal for our young company. I worked with Dickie Davis and many others at the airport for well over a year on this project. Before she even learned about Mamava, Dickie lobbied on her own for more than 3 years to provide more dignified and peaceful accommodations for traveling moms and workers at the airport. For champions like Dickie, promoting a new concept and product can be lonely and frustrating; skeptics make their opinions well-known, and innovation can be challenging in a large bureaucracy. In spite of that, Dickie soldiered on--she never let up; she fought and she lobbied, and she cared enough to use every arrow in her quiver to see this through. Because of the work done with such loving and professional attention to detail by the whole MIA team—Adriana, Jessica, Cristina, Vanessa, Chief Napoli, Richard, Greg, Sony, Neivy and so many others, Dickie’s vision came to be. For the working women of MIA and the travelers whose breastfeeding goals will be more reachable, a deep debt of gratitude is due to the champion who took every challenge and made it “Yes, and” rather than “No, but.” Everyone at MIA can point to the success of the Mamava installation and say, “It took a village to get our MiaMamas and look what we accomplished!” Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to all from the Mamava team, your biggest fans!  

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