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Atlanta International Airport is the world's busiest airport with more than 275,000 people passing through every day. But thanks to a partnership with Zappos, it's now one of the best airports for traveling mamas who need private spaces to pump or breastfeed an easily distracted baby.

Breastfeeding may be natural, but every mama is different, every baby is different, and what works in one setting may not work in another.  And for mamas who can’t be with their babies, pumping is the only way to maintain their milk supply. So a large part of normalizing breastfeeding is talking about what women need to pump and ensuring that they have spaces (other than bathrooms) to let-down and pump.  

Zappos Joins The Mamava Movement

Mamava is a little company with a big mission: to serve the needs of the twenty-first century mama on-the-go by revolutionizing breastfeeding for traveling and working mamas. We want to normalize breastfeeding by helping make it more optimistic, realistic, and accessible for all mamas. And we joined forces with, Zappos, a leading ecommerce retailer to help make it happen.

Zappos's mission is to deliver happiness in innovative ways that support local communities and impact culture. So we couldn’t be happier to partner with another mission (and happiness) driven company to bring extraordinary service directly to mamas in a space they need it most: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Traveling mamas will find six Mamava pods around the airport, so no matter where she's  is going, she’ll have a comfortable and dignified space to pump or breastfeed. 

Bring On The Babies

At Mamava, babies are at the heart of why we do what we do. Our pods create a private oasis for moms in busy public spaces and our big baby graphics on the outside of our Atlanta pods celebrate why mamas need spaces: to nourish and make milk for their babies. Each pod includes a number of “powered” by Zappos elements that will surprise and delight mamas: wipes to clean up spilled milk, and breast-pads (so you don’t leak onto your blouse). Plus, the Mamava mobile app includes sounds for let-down designed specifically to help busy mamas relax. Together Mamava and Zappos are delivering happiness one baby at a time!

Download the Mamava app to find more Mamava pods, plus thousands of other  places to pump or nurse wherever you go. 

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