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For over 20 years I have had the privilege to creatively collaborate with Michael Jager, an extraordinary designer and creative director, and one of the "papas" behind Mamava. It was under Michael's thoughtful and generous guidance that we were able to incubate Mamava at JDK Design, the design studio Michael co-founded with his wife Giovanna.


For all those years, the design studio –and more recently the Mamava offices -- has been located at 47 Maple Street, a renovated warehouse on the Burlington waterfront built in 1919, and now called The Karma Birdhouse. The Karma Birdhouse is home to Maglianero Cafe (best coffee in Burlington) and a multitude of start-ups and other creative enterprises. If buildings had genders, 47 Maple Street with its broad shouldered brick walls, high ceilings, and industrial finishes would definitely be male. For many years the design work done here focussed on male dominated industries – from the early days of snowboarding, to professional sports leagues, to video games. It gives me great pleasure to now be dedicating my time to a project as inherently feminine as Mamava.

In a combined celebration of the end of National Breastfeeding Month in August, and the 25th year of Burlington's South End Art Hop (September 8-10) Michael and I have collaborated on an art installation that feminizes and anthropomorphizes 47 Maple Street, using design to transform the building much as we have used it to transform culture. Inspired by the patriotic buntings that festooned buildings for celebrations in the past, we have hung six massive banners beneath the front and side windows (which happen to be spaced two by two). We are calling the installation "Mamas of Invention", a fitting tribute to this unique place and the businesses and ideas it has played midwife to over the years.

Mamava designs solutions for breastfeeding mamas on the go, believing all mamas deserve a private, clean and comfortable space to pump or breastfeed, whenever and wherever they need. In addition to our physical solution, the Mamava suite, our Mamava Mobile app empowers mamas to locate pumping-friendly locations on the go. Because we know mamas go everywhere.

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