Here Come The Moms: Why Stadiums Need to Support All Fans


Sports are big in the U.S. with almost six out of 10 Americans identifying as a sports fan. If you’re assuming that all of these sports fans are men, think again. In a 2015 Gallup poll, 66% of men reported being a sports fan, but so did 51% of women.  Thanks to Title IX, the second generation of women athletes and fans is now here, and they’re buying tickets, watching games, and sharing scores on social media more than any other time in history. But are sports stadiums ready for them?

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Moms Are Sports Fans Too

Women make up 45% of all NFL fans, 30% of NBA fans, and 30% of MLB fans. And what do 62% of all sports fans have in common?  Children.  So if stadiums are committed to being truly inclusive for current (and future) female fans, it’s time to ensure that stadium environments are hospitable...for everyone.

An enthusiastic and crowded stadium filled with cheering fans and alcoholic beverages makes for a fun time, but it’s not an ideal space to breastfeed. And for those moms who left their babies at home, It’s an even tougher place to find an appropriate place to plug in a breast pump.

Family-Friendly Stadiums

These ten MLB Stadiums recognize that today’s parents want family-friendly stadiums--especially moms who are breastfeeding or pumping. All the stadiums on Parents' list provide their guests with a clean and private dedicated lactation space to pump breast milk or breastfeed. Which means they're looking out for their mom fans too! 


Offering portable lactation stations for fans is a win-win: breastfeeding mothers have a dedicated space at the games and stadiums with family-friendly amenities earn the love of loyal moms across social media. 


And guess who’s nourishing the next generation of diehard sports fans? 


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