Get Down With Your Let-Down: The Ultimate Breast Pumping Playlist To Let It Flow

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Moms might be the busiest people around. And for breastfeeding mamas, this means pumping at work or on the go. Making time to pump on a schedule and finding the right place to plug in are both challenging. But another challenge is getting your mind and body into the right space for let-down when you’re away from your baby. We created a playlist, “Sounds For Let-Down,” to help cue the let-down reflex so you can get down with your pumping (and move on to the other things you need to cross off your list).  Our sounds are designed to be as short as you need or as long as you want so you can enjoy a mini-spa anywhere, anytime. And best of all? The playlist lives on our Mamava app and fits in your pocket.  

 Download the Mamava Mobile App to find the breast places to pump wherever you go! 

Guided Meditation

Our mama-made and mama-tested meditation is informed by research that relaxation techniques can reduce stress for breastfeeding moms, increase your milk supply, and may even boost your milk’s nutritional content. And less stress means more energy for the things that matter most. So go ahead, mama, plug in and sit back. Recharge and reconnect. Take time for yourself and your little one, even when you can’t be with them.  


If you’ve heard a baby crying on a plane, we have a hunch what happened next. (Pass the breast pads, please!) So we’ve included sounds of babies to cue your let-down reflex promptly when you’re pressed for time. Choose between the crying baby or the laughing baby for a quick cue when you need to pump and run. 

Ocean Waves

We get it--being hooked up to your breast pump in the middle of your work day or in the midst of a hectic airport is exactly the opposite of a beach vacation. But with the sounds of our calming ocean waves, you can close your eyes and dream.

White Noise

Our white noise provides you with a consistent gentle sound insulation perfect for any place you need it, from a workplace lactation room to a public venue. It’s also useful if you’re tired of listening to the drone of your pump. So plug in and pump up the volume, mama!

Are you traveling and worried about finding clean private places to pump? We can help. Our free mobile app lists all our Mamava pods, plus over 1200 mama-approved pump-friendly locations around the country. Our app empowers mamas to find the breast places to pump wherever they go, so they can travel with greater ease and more confidence.

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