Designing the Optimal Lactation Room

You understand what it takes to be compliant with Federal standards, but what does it take to ensure your lactation room is truly serving its breastfeeding moms? 


The answer is simple: empathy.

Take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of the customer you're designing for: the multi-tasking, working, traveling, sleep-deprived breastfeeding mom. She's very likely tired, stressed, and it's your job to provide a calming space to support her breast pumping experience.

Milk let-down is both a physiological and emotional experience. As such, it's important to incorporate sensory experiences that help her feel calm, secure, and care for.

Must have design elements:

  • a lockable door to ensure no walk-ins
  • a comfortable seat 
  • a clean and easy-to-clean environment
  • outlets conveniently located to charge pumps, computers and cell phones
  • a mirror (essential to readjust clothing post pump or feeding)
  • calming color tones and/or artwork
  • a fan or white noise machine

Lactation Suite Spec Sheet - Free Download

Nice to have design elements:

  • a sink for cleaning pump parts and milk
  • a refrigerator (so moms needn't keep their breast milk in the staff fridge)
  • a tea pot and lactation tea
  • footrest
  • a window for natural light (with a curtain for privacy)
  • a note board to pin images and/or leave notes for other moms
  • a speaker to play soft music
  • a stock of essentials: wipes, nipple cream, extra pump parts
  • Mamava's guided lactation meditation

Questions about desiging your room? 

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Designing a room in this way will not only ensure moms are supported to be most productive with their milk let-down, but it also communicates to them that as their employer, you genuinely care about their well being. 

Whether you decide to buy a Mamava suite or build a well designed room, both will ultimately meet the goal of supporting our breastfeeding mamas. 

Happy employees = productive employees, and for breastfeeding moms, this means with their breastmilk and their jobs. 

Lactation Suite Spec Sheet - Free Download

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