Conferences Can Suck For Breastfeeding Moms


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Breastfeeding moms on the go have a tough time finding clean and private accommodations to plug in and pump milk. I experienced this first hand when I was a breastfeeding mother away from my baby. As if carrying a heavy bag with pump and supplies as I walked miles around the tradeshow wasn't difficult enough, often my only option for a private space to pump was the restroom –no place to be making food for a new born. 

We're so pumped that Upworthy shared Dose's video from CES where Nikkie, Mamava's EVP, explains how Mamava came to be: we were working moms trying to continue breastfeeding and we couldn't find places to plug in and let down. And the whole thing was so frustrating and discouraging. We created Mamava to ensure that all mamas today have access to clean and secure spaces to pump, breastfeed, or contain a toddler while nursing a newborn.  

We believe that breastfeeding is a right, not a privilege for the few. So if you're a mom on the go, download our free mobile app to help you find the best places to pump wherever you go, becase we know that mamas go everywhere.

Find the breast places to pump.  Download the Mamava app! If you enjoyed this post, we think you'll like these: 

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