Build Vs. Buy: Lactation Spaces For Arenas and Stadiums


Fans are moms too, and they need your full support.

More and more women are sports fans and they're buying game tickets, following scores, and sharing stats on social media. And many of these women are new moms who need a dedicated lactation space. Make your arena, ballpark or stadium provides a comfortable experience for all of your guests. Here are 7 things to consider when it comes to creating a lactation room.  

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Assess Need and Space

  • Number of female guests and employees
  • Current accommodations
  • Size of the facility (What distance will moms have to travel?)
  • Available square footage
  • Accessibility needs (ADA)

Build Or Buy

Once you understand your need and space capacity, you’ll next have to consider whether to build out a new room (neither a First Aid Station nor a bathroom are appropriate spaces) or buy a portable lactation pod.  Space and time are limited resources, so you’ll also want to ensure that you’re providing cost-effective accommodations with minimal disruption to the schedule and the guest environment. To help with your decision, here’s a side-by-side comparison:


Make sure all your guests have what they need to relax and enjoy their experience. Lactation Suite Spec Sheet - Free Download Contact Us!

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