Breastfeeding Sports Fans, Your Voice Matters


Breastfeeding is natural, but it's also complicated. From the physical realities of engorgement, let-down, and latch, to the logistical components of packing a breast pump, taking time to express, and finding a private space to pump, breastfeeding is hard work. And it's especially hard for mamas who want to take in a game and can't find appropriate lactation accommodations. It's not suprising that lactation accommodations aren't plentiful in public buildings and spaces when breastfeeding is not normalized, but that doesn't mean breast pumping and breastfeeding mamas need to settle. Public spaces need to consider everybody's needs. And so mamas, this is your time to speak up and now is your opportunity to change the status quo.

There's power in numbers.  

Women make up 45% of all NFL fans, 30% of the NBA, and 30% of MLB. As a large majority of the fan base, don't stay home because there's no private space to pump at the local stadium. Speak up. Take action. Not only is providing accommodations the right thing for stadiums to do, it's a savvy business decision too. 

These moms did it.

Lacey and Samantha at Amtrak. And parents at Lincoln Financial Field, Heinz Field, Gillette Stadium, and Levi's Stadium. Thanks to these voices, lactation accommodations are now installed at these locations and many other stadiums are beginning to pay attention as the news reverberates.

Know your resources.

Websites like Care2 and are great platforms to begin your petitions. We also have a page where moms can take action and help raise awareness at those stadiums (and airports!) that still lack appropriate pumping and breastfeeding accommodations.

Times up, let's do this!

There's no time like the present to take action. If ever women's voices were being heard in this country it's now.

Take Action on Stadiums

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