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Pumped On Progress For International Women's Day

Breast milk has the awesome ability to sustain human life, boost brain power, and bolster immunity. So why isn’t everyone in the world marveling at the super power of breastfeeding mamas? Why are women still shamed for putting babies to breast in public spaces (it's an issue in India, too) and left to pump breast milk in dirty bathrooms and supply closets? Because change is slow. Revolutions take time, and they require persistence and patience. The good news: here in the United States, we’re seeing signs of progress.


Pumpcast Special Edition: Mamava Partners With Zappos Which Means Something For Every Booby

In this special Pumpcast edition, mamas Nikkie and Annie announce the good news about the new Atlanta pods! Mamava partnered with Zappos to deliver happiness and a calm oasis for traveling mamas when and where they need it most. 


Pumpcast 36: Winter Cold Season

Baby, it's cold outside! One mama talks tips and strategies for staying healthy and surviving winter cold season. The other mama? Yup, she's out sick. 

In this episode Nikkie shares one of her secrets for keeping her babies healthy during the winter months. Hint: it involves breast milk. 

Eat To Win: A Super Bowl Strategy For Breastfeeding Moms 

The Super Bowl may be about football, but it’s also about food. Every year fans plan their victory menus and compare wing recipes. If you’re a breastfeeding mama, however, the stakes can feel even higher when it comes to knowing what to eat and whether to imbibe. Can you dig into your friend’s famous game-day chili and seven-layer dip? Can you enjoy that chilled adult beverage? We’ve sourced the answers for you so you can enjoy the game with the best of them.


Pumpcast 35: Introducing The Mamava Mini

The latest addition to our Mamava family is too big for a onesie, but the perfect size for small spaces and private offices! 

In episode 35 mamas Nikkie and Annie demo the Mamava Mini. With a privacy screen, outlets, a flexible work station, task lighting, and an ottoman, it's the perfect lactation space for working mamas. Welcome to the family, Mamava Mini! 


Pumpcast: Still Recovering!

We hope you had a great holiday! We sure did. In fact, we're still recovering! So join us next week when we're back with BIG news about our newest way to support mamas in the workplace. 


Pumpcast 34: The Blooper Reel

We're celebrating nine months of The Pumpcast episodes by sharing our best bloopers from the editing floor! 

In Episode 34 we lift the veil of our editing magic to show you the real moments caught on tape. Enjoy!


Pumpcast 33: The Sixth Month Pump Slump

The sixth month pump slump? Yep, it's a thing. Mamas Annie and Nikkie get real about the work/pump/repeat slog. 

In Episode 33 Annie and Nikkie talk about their sixth month pump slump. And then they do the math to calculate how many hours they've pumped at work. 


Pumpcast 32: Boss Babies and Working Mamas

Did you know that being a mom makes you a better employee? 

It's time to banish mom guilt and embrace how awesome working moms are in the workplace! 

In Episode 32 Nikkie talks with author Lauren S. Brody all about The Fifth Trimester and vows to banish guilt from her vocabulary.  


Pumpcast 31: Thanksgiving Travel Tips

It's Thanksgiving. Don't forget to take these pumping on-the-road tips with you!

In Episode 31 Annie and Nikkie offer key pumping on-the-road tips - what to expect and what to take with you.  


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