Annie Ode

Annie Ode, Mamava Sales Account Strategist, is a new mom to a 4-month old daughter and a former middle school teacher.

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Ode to the Breast Dads


Some dads are so rad and supportive that they inspire poetry. Our very own Annie Ode—Mamava’s Director of Sales Operations and Pumpcast co-star—worked up these fun verses in honor of her guy, Eric, who totally gets a mama who nurses. (If the man in your life isn’t so helpful, considering sharing Mamava’s Enlightened Guy’s Guide to Breastfeeding.)


What I Learned My First Year of Breastfeeding

I hit my breastfeeding goal on Sunday when my first child, Avery, turned one. It was Mother’s Day, and a perfect time to reflect on my time as a mom.


First Person: Schools Don't Cut It For Breastfeeding Teachers

Imagine planning a day for 120 guests who run the gamut from enthusiastic to panicked to apathetic. Now imagine you don’t have any time or flexibility to step out for a coffee, or even use the restroom in the middle of the day. This was my life as a middle school English teacher.  


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