3 Facts About Your Breastfeeding Rights

It may be the 21st century but there's still a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and stigma around breastfeeding in public. Yeah, we don't get it either. But we do get that when you're a busy mama on the go, you don't have extra time to read up on your breastfeeding rights.

But trust us, you have rights. So we've put together a quick cheat-sheet to save you time so you can get back to what matters most, like breastfeeding your baby or finding a clean and quiet place to plug in your breast pump. 


Are you in compliance with breastfeeding laws?

(Image courtesy of MI Breastfeeding Organization)

Use this 2 question checklist to find out.

A woman’s right to breastfeed is protected by both state and federal laws.  The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ensures that breastfeeding protections also extend to the workplace.


The Future Is Female And So Was The Past: Women, Work, and Labor


Mamava celebrates women every day of the year, but we get especially pumped for March because it’s Women’s History month. So imagine how excited we were to learn that the theme for the 2017 National Women’s History Project was “trailblazing women in labor and business.”  Labor and business! Hello?!