3 Facts About Your Breastfeeding Rights


It may be the 21st century but there's still a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and stigma around breastfeeding in public. Yeah, we don't get it either. But we do get that when you're a busy mama on the go, you don't have extra time to read up on your breastfeeding rights.

But trust us, you have rights. So we've put together a quick cheat-sheet to save you time so you can get back to what matters most, like breastfeeding your baby or finding a clean and quiet place to plug in your breast pump. 


Breastfeeding: It's A Right, Not A Privilege

August is National Breastfeeding Month and this last week is dedicated to Black Breastfeeding Week. And with good reason.


Mamas of Invention

For over 20 years I have had the privilege to creatively collaborate with Michael Jager, an extraordinary designer and creative director, and one of the "papas" behind Mamava. It was under Michael's thoughtful and generous guidance that we were able to incubate Mamava at JDK Design, the design studio Michael co-founded with his wife Giovanna.


Why Throw a Breastfeeding Shower? Because It's All About "The Girls"

Mamas-to-be need a lot for the baby: onesies, diapers, and the list goes on. But what supplies do moms need to be successful at breastfeeding?

We get it. Moms-to-be have enough to worry about without the added pressures of a ton of opinions about breastfeeding. At Mamava we believe in a judgement-free zone when it comes to choosing to breastfeed, but we also know it takes a community of family, friends, and employer support to be successful.

Throwing a breastfeeding themed shower for a soon-to-be new mom who's decided to try breastfeeding is a creative way to make sure she has everything she needs...before she needs it.


The Breast Gifts: Breastfeeding Supplies New Moms Don't Know They Need...Yet

Breastfeeding is on the rise in the U.S. and so are the number of products out there to help mamas meet their #BreastfeedingGoals. The good news is at Mamava we're immersed in all things breastfeeding, and surrounded by breastfeeding colleagues every day, so we've amassed a ton of knowledge on the newest and best when it comes to breastfeeding essentials.  


Conferences Can Suck For Breastfeeding Moms


Breastfeeding moms on the go have a tough time finding clean and private accommodations to plug in and pump milk. I experienced this first hand when I was a breastfeeding mother away from my baby. As if carrying a heavy bag with pump and supplies as I walked miles around the tradeshow wasn't difficult enough, often my only option for a private space to pump was the restroom –no place to be making food for a new born. 


Introducing Mamava's Pumpcast


What happens when two hardworking mamas get ready to leave for maternity leave? Tune in each Wednesday to our #pumpday Pumpcast to find out!


The Future Is Female And So Was The Past: Women, Work, and Labor


Mamava celebrates women every day of the year, but we get especially pumped for March because it’s Women’s History month. So imagine how excited we were to learn that the theme for the 2017 National Women’s History Project was “trailblazing women in labor and business.” Labor and business! Hello?!


What We're Thankful For

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at Mamava. One of our core values is “feed the body, feed the soul,” so we love any celebration that has good food at the heart of it!  But we also love that Thanksgiving offers us time to connect with friends and family, and to reflect and give thanks.  


Breastfeeding Support in the Military on Veterans Day and Everyday.

I’m a United States Navy Veteran and on Veterans Day I spend time with my family quietly honoring the many family members, friends and even strangers, that have served (and in some cases died for) our country.  I usually take a minute to reflect back on my time served in the military, and how I feel about being honored among those that call themselves veterans. I’ve always had a hard time trying to pin down my feelings and thoughts about what Veterans Day means to me, partly because I don’t feel like a ‘real’ vet.  I didn’t see combat, I was just a simple aircraft mechanic who served mostly during peacetime.   Do I have the right to call myself a veteran?  Was what I did during my military service worthy of that honor?  And then, as I often do, I ponder how being a veteran relates to my current work as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Executive Director of Breastfeeding in Combat Boots.  I have come to realize that were it not for my military service and yes, the struggles I faced as a woman in a male-dominated workplace who breastfed against some incredible odds, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I have my military service to thank for making me the person I am today, someone with the ability to help mothers currently serving in the military!


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