5 Changes That Are Good for You, Your Family, And The Planet


You know that what you eat, the self-care products you use, and even the products you use to clean your house, can affect your health—and the health of Mama Earth. When you're pregnant or breastfeeding, the impact of your purchasing decisions feels even more significant. How can you make choices that are good for your body, your baby, and the planet … without spending a fortune?


Mamava Mama: Megan Pagels

Megan Pagels, a first-time mom with a full-time job, reminds us that while breastfeeding may be natural, it's anything but easy. From latching issues to milk supply, new moms need time, information, and support. 


6 Breastfeeding Tips for the First Year

Everyone's got advice for mamas, including us. Here are our 6 top breastfeeding tips for the first year. We know that every mama, and every baby, is different, so keep the breast (ideas for you) and leave the rest.


Breastfeeding Is Hard, Even If You're a Doctor 

Even most doctors who are moms aren't able to meet the breastfeeding guidelines—due to a lack of on-the-job accommodations. On, National Doctors' Day, let's speak up in support of physicians who need schedule flexibility and private spaces to pump. 


Hoops and Boobs: The Breastfeeding Mama's Basketball Playbook 

What do breastfeeding and basketball have in common? More than you'd think. Here's a handy list of hoop terms that also work for new mamas.


The Enlightened Guy’s Guide to Supporting Breastfeeding Mamas


When it comes to breastfeeding, it seems like everyone on social media has an opinion. And even when those opinions are supporting breastfeeding, when they come from guys they sometimes come across as, well, mansplaining. To moms.  So here we offer three ways guys can get on board and get behind all mamas.


It's Time To Talk About Breastfeeding At Work

The #MeToo hashtag has given collective weight and networked visibility to the unspoken underside of women’s workplace experiences. In fact, 60% of American women have experienced sexual harassment, and most of that harassment happens at work. We’re now witnessing a sea change that’s challenging--and changing--outdated assumptions and expectations about behavior in the workplace, as well as the culture of a workplace. Indeed, the #TimesUp movement is about shining a bright light into the many dark corners of women’s experiences in the workplace. It’s also initiating an important conversation about how we need to improve structures of support for all women.


3 Things to Know About Booze and Breastfeeding (All Good News!)

When you're a new breastfeeding mom, you're still eating for two. And you're hydrating to boost your milk supply. But when it comes to drinking alcohol, what do today's breastfeeding moms need to know? We've scoured the interwebs so you don't have to. Here are three things to know about booze and breastfeeding.


Mamava's Holiday Gift Guide for Breastfeeding Mamas

Show your love and support of breastfeeding mamas this holiday season by getting them some of our favorite things. Breastfeeding isn't easy, but these essentials make a big difference for mamas!


Pumpcast 31: Thanksgiving Travel Tips

It's Thanksgiving. Don't forget to take these pumping on-the-road tips with you!

In Episode 31 Annie and Nikkie offer key pumping on-the-road tips - what to expect and what to take with you.  


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