Mamava + Zappos = The Breast Customer Service Around

Atlanta International Airport has earned the title of the world's busiest airport with more than 275,000 people passing through every day.  But now, thanks to a partnership with Zappos, it might also be the best airport for traveling mamas who need clean private spaces to plug in a breast pump or breastfeed an easily distracted baby!


Pumpcast Special Edition: Mamava Partners With Zappos Which Means Something For Every Booby

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Thanks to a partnership with Zappos, traveling mamas will now have more Mamava pods where they need them most--in every terminal in Atlanta--the world's busiest airport!  

In this special Pumpcast edition, mamas Nikkie and Annie announce the good news and reveal the big babies on the new Atlanta pods! Together, Mamava and Zappos deliver happiness and provide a calming oasis for traveling mamas when and where they need it most. 


Pumpcast 36: Winter Cold Season

Baby, it's cold outside! One mama talks tips and strategies for staying healthy and surviving winter cold season. The other mama? Yup, she's out sick. 

In this episode Nikkie shares one of her secrets for keeping her babies healthy during the winter months. Hint: it involves breast milk. 

Eat To Win: A Super Bowl Strategy For Breastfeeding Moms 

The Super Bowl may be about football, but it’s also about food. Every year fans plan their victory menus and compare wing recipes. If you’re a breastfeeding mama, however, the stakes can feel even higher when it comes to knowing what to eat and whether to imbibe. Can you dig into your friend’s famous game-day chili and seven-layer dip? Can you enjoy that chilled adult beverage? We’ve sourced the answers for you so you can enjoy the game with the best of them.


Breastfeeding Sports Fans, Your Voice Matters


Breastfeeding is natural, but it's also complicated. From the physical realities of engorgement, let-down, and latch, to the logistical components of packing a breast pump, taking time to express, and finding a private space to pump, breastfeeding is hard work. And it's especially hard for mamas who want to take in a game and can't find appropriate lactation accommodations. It's not suprising that lactation accommodations aren't plentiful in public buildings and spaces when breastfeeding is not normalized, but that doesn't mean breast pumping and breastfeeding mamas need to settle. Public spaces need to consider everybody's needs. And so mamas, this is your time to speak up and now is your opportunity to change the status quo.


It's Time To Talk About Breastfeeding At Work

The #MeToo hashtag has given collective weight and networked visibility to the unspoken underside of women’s workplace experiences. In fact, 60% of American women have experienced sexual harassment, and most of that harassment happens at work. We’re now witnessing a sea change that’s challenging--and changing--outdated assumptions and expectations about behavior in the workplace, as well as the culture of a workplace. Indeed, the #TimesUp movement is about shining a bright light into the many dark corners of women’s experiences in the workplace. It’s also initiating an important conversation about how we need to improve structures of support for all women.


How To Provide a Lactation Room When You Have No Space

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to provide a secure and private lactation room for breastfeeding employees who need to pump at work. For many businesses, however, finding an appropriate free space or building out a whole new room can be difficult. In addition, effective lactation space design needs to address three core areas: legislation, user experience, and available space. If you have a small office space, budget constraints, or need a lactation space that will serve multiple moms simultaneously, here are three aspects of design to keep in mind.


Pumpcast 35: Introducing The Mamava Mini

The latest addition to our Mamava family is too big for a onesie, but the perfect size for small spaces and private offices! 

In episode 35 mamas Nikkie and Annie demo the Mamava Mini. With a privacy screen, outlets, a flexible work station, task lighting, and an ottoman, it's the perfect lactation space for working mamas. Welcome to the family, Mamava Mini! 


The Top 4 FAQs About Lactation Spaces

Ovia Health’s “Motherhood in America” reports that 70% of working mothers want better breastfeeding support in their workplace. For companies that employ women, this should be a wake-up call: workplaces need to do more to support working mothers. San Francisco is the first city in the nation to require all employers to have a clear lactation accommodation policy and a clean private space to express milk. Make sure you’re in compliance and save time and energy down the road by supporting breastfeeding employees from the start.


Designing the Open Office: 3 Spaces You Shouldn’t Forget

Workplace environments are changing rapidly in our ever-connected digital era and that’s a good thing. Gone are the days of anonymous cubicles, rigid environments, and brief pleasantries exchanged over the water cooler. Today’s employees want a workplace that supports creativity and collaboration, as well as their overall wellbeing. Just as the strict boundaries between work life and home life are increasingly fluid, so too are the physical spaces we work in. Forward-thinking office design ensures physical spaces that both reflect and reinforce a company’s culture, mission, and values.


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