Traveling mamas rejoice!

Mamava pods have been installed at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport! With over 250,000 passengers per day, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, has been consistently ranked as the busiest airport in the world – outranking Beijing Capital and Tokyo Homeda. The airport is also the largest employer in the State of Georgia. This means a lot of mamas rolling through – whether they’re there for travel or for work – armed with babies, pumps, and layovers.


Up until recently, moms that wished to breastfeed in private or use their breastpump needed to either call ahead and reserve a room (not so easy with travel being as hectic as it is) or use the bathroom. Unacceptable? Yes, we think so too. Enter Monica Ponder and Sojourner Grimmett, two moms who knew that they, along with every mother going through the world’s busiest airport, deserved better.


Starting a petition and social media campaign back in 2013 depicting people eating meals in the restroom with the slogan “Would you eat in the bathroom?” quickly raised eyebrows. The duo was able to grab the attention of the airport managers, and shortly afterward, nursing-specific bathrooms were placed in one of the concourses of the airport.

Breastfeeding Summit: ROSE Conference Featuring Table for Two (TFT). Web. 10 Feb. 2016. Breastfeeding Summit: ROSE Conference Featuring Table for Two (TFT). Web. 10 Feb. 2016.

While it was a step in the right direction, we at Mamava know that moms shouldn’t have to use their breast pump or seek privacy to breastfeed in a bathroom, but they should be supported with a dignified place in which to express their milk. Thanks to diligent work from Monica and Sojourner, four Mamava suites are now available on-site as quiet, comfortable, and clean places for on-the-go moms to pump or feed in privacy.


A huge thanks goes out to Monica and Sojourner, who for three years have lobbied for better nursing space options, and to Seventh Generation, our first media sponsor for these Atlanta suites. If you’re curious as to the impact and reception their hard work has had, just hop on social media:

“Atlanta airport adds nursing stations after moms lobby / yesss! About time! Well done @[email protected] & MOMS!!”

— @melimuses

“…There are four pods within the airport, so now if you’re traveling and need to pump or feed in a clean, [quiet] and secluded environment you can do so!”

— @theatlgo2girl

“Wow…this is great!! Thanks for your perseverance and commitment in making this a reality.”

— @ssbalogun

When it comes to changing the culture of breastfeeding in our society, it really takes a village. Thanks to the help of dedicated mamas like Monica and Sojourner, a mission driven business like Seventh Generation who is willing to generously underwrite the costs of these suites with their sponsorship, and to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for working with us to bring it all to life. Together, we are truly having an impact that positively affects the lives of countless mamas. We’re proud to be included in yet another great community, and are eager to see where the call to action rises in the future!