Hilarious Pop Culture Moms We're Loving Right Now

Breasts and babies are beautiful and amazing, and they’re also fun and funny. We’re all about transforming culture to make it more accepting of breastfeeding mamas, so we appreciate the pop culture moments that embrace the wild ride of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.  


Like this great cartoon from MomComic.com.

Or Superstore’s season finale,“Labor,” when Cheyenne refuses to leave the store because they don’t have a paid maternity leave: 

But one of our favorites is comedian Ali Wong and her hilariously smart show Baby Cobra. When it comes to honesty about women’s bodies, Ali hits it out of the park.  Every. Single. Time.  When have you ever seen a seven and a half month pregnant comedian?


Right? That’s what we thought.

Here’s Ali on breastfeeding when she was interviewed about being a new mom:

“I could go on and on and on about breastfeeding. I thought it was supposed to be this beautiful bonding ceremony, where I would feel like I was sitting on a lily pad in a meadow and bunnies would gather at my feet. ...

But really it’s like this savage ritual that just reminds you that all of us, we’re nothing but mammals. We ain’t special. You know? When she gets hungry, my baby girl, she yanks my nipple back and forth like that bear effing up Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. It’s frightening.”

— Ali Wong

Hello? We’ll be front and center at her new stand-up show!


And then there’s Jessi Klein, a writer for Amy Schumer and author of You’ll Grow Out of It, who described her experience pumping at the Emmys:

“I’m sitting there with the Emmy statuette at my feet and I’m wearing kind of a fancy dress. And I have to figure out how to unzip it on my own, and then I put on my nursing bra. I just suddenly felt like, ‘Oh, I won this Emmy ... but now it is over and I just have to be back in my sort of currently overweight, milk-laden body, and waking up and 2 in the morning and 4 in the morning. And it’s hard.”

— Jessi Klein

It is hard. And Ali’s right--it’s not all meadows and bunnies. So here’s to all the moms out there--working moms, traveling moms, moms on the go, celebrity moms--whose stories about breastfeeding and pumping help normalize and naturalize breastfeeding for all mamas!