Welcoming Annie!


Today we welcome Annie, our fifth full time employee! Madame Annie joins Mamava as our Sales Account Strategist, helping us strategize how one goes about bringing a new concept/idea/product to market! We're pretty impressed that ski resorts name their runs after her, and are very pleased to have her aboard.

Now, a bit about Madame:


A bit of a spastic professional history when you look back on it... graduated Harvard in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in English. Joined the 2009 Corps of Teach For America, as a lead 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts teacher in the DC Region. I continued to teach for two more years in Philadelphia.  


After a move to Boston, I landed the role of City Manager at the delightful start-up, Manicube, whose mission is to make the lives of working women easier by providing manicure services on-site at their offices. I handled their Boston operations initially and then worked on expanding the business to both Chicago and San Francisco.  


Continuing my trek up the east coast, I landed in Vermont during the summer of 2014 and started with Dealer.com. I served most recently as the Advertising Product Marketing Manager, working to position the product and its value proposition to both internal teams and external clients or prospects. 


What brought you to Mamava?

The quickest answer? Our lovely EVP, Nikkie Kent!  Slightly longer explanation is that I am intensely interested in any company’s whose mission is to make the lives of working women, especially mothers, easier and more delightful.  


How do you like the office?

I love this 1919 warehouse vibe - exposed brick, original hardwood floors, a rain pipe running down right behind my desk. And the snack cabinet is huge!


If you could add one function or accessory to a Mamava pod, what would it be?

I hope that the facilities that host our Mamava suites always provide wipes/paper towels for our mamas. A cooler accessory than that? Maybe a wireless speaker or iPad to make the time pass even more pleasantly! 


How do you feel about sticky notes?

Great for to-do lists! And I love to-do lists.


Favorite lunch spot in Burlington?



Must-have office snack (we're big on snacks!)?

Anything from Trader Joe’s. 


What part of Mamava are you most pumped about?

Showing up every day in order to make life a little less stressful for working mothers across the country (and the world, someday!)!!


Do you - and if you do, how so - identify most with a spirit animal or a zodiac sign? 

I don’t really…but I do have a 2-year-old corgi and she’s kind of my spirit animal. I strive to be as enthusiastic and psyched about every day as she is.


One fun fact about yourself:

I’ve started my first-ever raised garden beds this year and it looks like I may NOT have a black thumb (I’m not going so far as to say I have a green one…)! This early in the season, I’ve only been able to harvest lettuce but my other plants are looking good so I’m hopeful!