Welcoming UVM Interns, Sofia & Robby!

Summer has arrived, and with it Mamava has welcomed two summer interns! Sofia and Robby, both undergrads at the University of Vermont will be helping us out with our sales (Robby) and marketing (Sofia).  


Robby hails from the cold and snowy Buffalo, New York. He is currently a rising Junior at The University of Vermont, majoring in Community Entrepreneurship. Sofia hails from Bethesda, Maryland in the greater Washington, D.C. area. She is a rising senior at the University of Vermont also studying Community Entrepreneurship (coincidentally!) and Public Communications.


We decided to ask these two a few important questions!


What's your spirit animal? Why?

Robby: If I had to choose a spirit animal it would be a mountain lion.  I would want to be a mountain lion because the mountains are my favorite place to be in the world.

Sofia: People always tell me my spirit animal is an otter because I am a pretty mellow, playful, social person that always likes to be with a group of friends.


What's your favorite summer activity in Burlington?

Robby: My favorite summer activity in Burlington is going to the beach.

Sofia: I love going to all of the different beaches along Lake Champlain using the waterfront bike path. My favorite place to bike to is definitely Oakledge.


What brought you to Mamava?

Robby: I learned about Mamava through my family and then learned more online!

Sofia: I saw a Mamava pod at the Burlington Airport a while ago and thought it was a really cool idea, so when I saw a listing for a Marketing Internship with Mamava on VBSR I immediately applied and now here I am!


What's your favorite thing about the Mamava office so far?

Robby: My favorite thing about the Mamava office so far is the work environment and my co-workers!

Sofia: I absolutely LOVE the building the office is located in! The entire building is saturated in art, and there are a lot of common spaces.  It’s a very positive, creative environment to work in.


Favorite Pandora/Spotify station for quiet days when we can play office music?

Robby: For the office? John Mayer.

Sofia: I like listening to artists like Foxygen, Mac DeMarco, and Saintseneca on days where we can play office music.  Really anything with good lyrics and a nice, mellow beat.


If you could pick one add-on accessory or functionality of the Mamava pod, what would it be?

Robby: If I could add on one accessory to the Mamava pod it would have to be a Bluetooth speaker that Mom's could connect to.

Sofia: I would add some sort of sink or cleaning wipes that allow moms to clean up their pumps when finished.


If you could plop a Mamava anywhere, where would it be and how what graphics would you wrap it with?

Robby: If I could put a Mamava pod anywhere, it would be in the Ralph Wilson Stadium.  I have been a bills fan my whole life so the graphics would be the logo and favorite players. 

Sofia: I would put one somewhere along the National Mall in DC because it is a popular location that a lot of families go to.  I would probably wrap it in colorful, geometric graphics.


How do you feel about Sticky Notes? **Full Disclaimer, our CEO has a Sticky Note fettish**

Robby: I don't like using sticky notes. 

Sofia: I don’t use them that much, but I think they are definitely useful for reminders and temporarily labeling things.


Sticky Note enthusiasts or not, we're thrilled to have these two aboard. Welcome, Robby and Sofia!