Celebrating Mamava, from BTV to LAX

It’s been a pretty special week here at Mamava.


A couple months ago we got word that the very woman who inspired our company, The New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor, would be the keynote speaker at a local event to benefit the Vermont Women’s Fund. Jodi wrote a piece back in 2006 that inspired Sascha and Christine to design our Mamava lactation suite. You know, the whole story we talk about here

Well, just a couple weeks after that, we were informed that we were being honored as a Maker at The Bump’s inaugural Moms: Movers and Makers event in Los Angeles, CA (check it out at #momsmoversandmakers). The goal of the event was to “honor and recognize women who, through the lens of motherhood, are truly making a difference in the lives of others.” 


Naturally, both of these momentous events fell on the SAME exact day: May 3rd, 2016.


And this is where it’s a good thing we have not one, but two founders. While Sascha always says that “Christine is the left brain to my right brain,” these two are an incredibly complimentary pair, but when they must, they’re always ready to divide and conquer. 


And so they did. Christine hopped on a flight to LAX, while Sascha stayed in VT to at long last meet the inspirational Jodi Kantor.


And did it ever work out!


Christine sent us photos throughout the day of her glamorous Hollywood-esque luncheon at The Bump. Co-hosted by Kristen Bell (you know, the star of the upcoming Bad Moms film we’re all dying to see), Mamava was honored along with 17 other incredible Movers and Makers (one of whom was our good friend, Jessica Shortall!). If you don’t already know these mamas, you certainly should:

  1. Holly Robinson Peete, HollyRod Foundation

  2. Yasmine Delawari Johnson, Jules Leyser, Danika Charity, Emily Lynch, Kelly Zajfen, Alliance of Moms

  3. Jessica Shortall, author of Work.Pump.Repeat and Parental Leave Advocate

  4. Ashlee Wells, The Fourth Trimester Project

  5. Dionne Boldin, The Anquan Boldin Foundation 

  6. Shazi Visram, Happy Family

  7. Georgene Huang + Romy Newman, Fairygodboss

  8. Hillary Frank, The Longest Shortest Time

  9. Jill Gilbert, Living in Digital Times

  10. Kim Jarelle, Debbie Burbic, Jessamine Niccoli, Clever Medical

  11. Kate Carr, Safe Kids Worldwide

  12. Abbie Schiller + Samantha Kurtzman-Counter, The Mother Company

  13. Cara Delzer, Gabrielle Guthrie, Santhi Analytis, Moxxly

  14. Brooke Mahan, Meg Resnikoff & Elle Walker, What's Up Moms

  15. Jenny Galluzzo + Gina Hadley, The Second Shift

  16. Carly Burson, Tribe Alive

  17. Amy Anderson, breast milk donation advocate

Meanwhile, Sascha and the Mamava staff headed to the UVM Davis Center to hear Jodi Kantor talk about journalism’s role in raising awareness of gender inequality. Jodi offered three examples, the third of which was the story of Mamava. 


Beginning with a summary of the article we refer to as “our inspiration,” Jodi noted how the story was generally met with “a polite concerned reception.” But then she goes on to say, 


“I had no idea that here in Vermont Sascha Mayer and Christine Dodson read the story - I think literally while they were nursing their infants - and they set about doing something about it.”


“Tonight is a real night of celebration for me and for Mamava."


Jodi highlights that these pods are the ideal solution, as they’re open for anyone to use and so they accommodate the low income women who really do struggle with finding a place to pump. And personally, she noted, she was thrilled because, currently, she’s a nursing mom on the go!


In sharing this, Jodi asked Sascha to the podium so they could at long last meet in person, and as they embraced Jodi closed with this remark:

“Journalists can try and draw attention to problems but it really takes amazing readers like you to truly change the story.” 

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