We need your help: 100 Mamavas by Mother's Day!

So, here’s the deal: Mother’s day is less than three weeks away. As you well know, we exist to support the mamas, so this is a big day for us! What are we doing, you ask?


We are celebrating 100 Mamavas by Mother’s Day. YES! And here’s the catch – we’re not quite there. Right now, as of 11:03 am on April 20th, we’ve got 93 pods in the market or prepped to ship.


That leaves 7 to go. Just SEVEN.


And so my friends, we need your help. While we get kudos everyday from grateful mamas who want to physically hug us with gratitude, the process of selling a pod is not always as embracing. As our pods often go into large facilities – airports, stadiums, hospitals, etc. – there can be a lot of red tape to cut through. But as every business exists to serve its customers, it’s in hearing from you – the mamas, the papas, the fans, the friends, that we can really make things happen.


And so we ask that you please spread the word. Know a place that needs a Mamava? Let them know! Know a place that’s thinking about a Mamava, tell them now’s the time! Work for a company that has a Mamava, and could use more? Give us a call! We’ll be pushing out a big story once we hit our goal, and it will be an incredible opportunity for participating businesses and facilities to be a part of this story.


So go ahead, spread the word, and let’s all celebrate together this Mother’s Day. #IWantMyMamava


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