Mamava Strolls with Miracle Milk!

What do Ms. America winner Katie Guerza, NFL Running Back Justin Forsett, hip-hop artist George Moss, actress Kaitlin Olsen, and Mamava ALL have in common? They all support Miracle Milk, babies, and their mamas!

Miracle Milk is on a mission: combat severe illnesses in newborns by getting them the lifesaving breastmilk that they need. When mamas can’t provide milk to their babies for medical reasons or otherwise, the babies don’t get the essential nutrition for recovery and development that breastmilk brings to the table.

“The potent benefits of human milk are such that all preterm infants should receive human milk . . . . If mother’s own milk is unavailable despite significant lactation support, pasteurized donor milk should be used.”

-American Academy of Pediatrics


With sponsors and celebrity endorsers from all walks of life, Miracle Milk hopes to pair the miracle of life with the miracle of breastmilk! Strolls take place annually on May 13th, 14th, and 15th, those looking to join the cause - mamas, papas, or otherwise can register here!


By educating more people about the value of breastmilk as well as the places where nursing mothers can donate their milk, Miracle Milk - a Best for Babes affiliate - is making positive changes one stroll at a time. In just three years, the Miracle Milk strolls have raised $48,000 dollars from strolls in 165 worldwide locations to help families share or receive the breastmilk that is needed to get premature and underweight babies on the track to better health.


With such an important mission, Mamava is proud to sponsor the Miracle Milk Stroll.

Photo courtesy of Best for Babes Photo courtesy of Best for Babes


Remember, these are strolls -- not your typical 5k race! Miracle Milk keeps mamas with their child(ren) - be they in the womb or stroller! “It’s not a march, or a walk for distance. Each location will decide how long or how far they choose to stroll.” (



Miracle Milk and Mamava encourage everyone to spread the good word and join the stroll! The greater movements like these become, the more resources will become available to families in need of the wonderful benefits of breastmilk!