Mamava on the road

Traveling for spring break this month? We are! Today, our sales manager, Janet Stambolian, is heading south to attend the Women in Aviation conference (WAI) in Nashville, Tennessee. There she will tote along our adorable mini-Mamava model to showcase our original Mamava, along with our inflatable suite, which shall soon be available for rent and pop-up events.

WAI is a conference to celebrate women in aviation and to provide these women a space to connect, engage and inspire one another. As an organization, Women in Aviation International works to facilitate networking, education, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for women (and men) who aspire to have careers in the aviation and aerospace industries.


The focus of the organization and conference is spot on with our mission of having Mamava suites (or similar alternatives) in every airport. Airports are sometimes the largest employers statewide (ex. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International), and also host millions of passengers – for hours at a time – everyday. Whether you’re an employee or traveler, you’re subject to the busy airport bustle, and as a nursing mama chances are you’re going to have to pump during your time at the airport. And when that time comes, every mama deserves a peaceful place in which to pump or breastfeed.


The interest is there, as is the feedback. Moms on-the-go tweet and Facebook their kudos to Mamava every day, state governments are beginning to take action (California and Illinois both have passed bills stating that their larger airports must include lactation spaces - CA by 2016, and IL by 2017), and US Representative Tammy Duckworth is working to pass her bill, The Friendly Airports for Mothers (FAM) Act, which mandates that lactation rooms be in every large airport nationally.


And so here we come, WAI, with your solution!


As of today - we have 24 Mamava suites dispersed among 12 airports nationally. Our hope is that soon after this conference we’ll have exciting updates about all the connections Janet’s made (she’s a talker), and all the new airports who have plans for our suites.

In closing, enjoy this note that was found in our Mamava suite at Newark Liberty International Airport that shows the gratitude that extends not just to us, but to other moms as well: