Introducing Nikkie, our new EVP!

With 82 Mamava Suites around the country, we’re expanding. Externally, and… internally!


Today we welcome Mamava’s newest hire, Nikkie Kent. Full time employee #4, Nikkie joins us as Mamava’s Executive Vice President, overseeing our sales and marketing.


Nikkie’s prior experience runs the gamut from building successful sales teams to strategic client management in digital software. Her experience began with time on the ground as a sales person for Ricoh (formerly IKON Office Solutions), which then segued into a managerial position, where Nikkie developed one of the highest performing sales teams in the country. From Ricoh, Nikkie became deeply immersed in the world of digital software as Vice President of Account Management at MyWebGrocer, a company that specializes in digital solutions for grocery retailers, providing eCommerce mobile and web applications, intelligent digital marketing, consulting and media services.


And so it is that Nikkie has found her way to Mamava – the perfect fit given her past experience! And what makes her even more qualified is undoubtedly her 18-month old son, Asher, who’s taught her more than she could ever imagine about the world of breastfeeding and breast pumping on the go. Thanks little man!

Next, we thought we’d put Nikkie on the spot with a few questions, which we think you’ll enjoy:  


Where was the most awkward place you had to pump?

Hmm... Let’s see here the list feels long. 


- My least favorite location was the bathroom at Chicago O'Hare. It was so disgusting that I dumped all of my milk down the drain. 

- Once at a meeting in Vancouver my clients gave me a conference room with a window and no lock. I had to sit with my chair against the door and back to the window so that no one would come in and see me milking. 

- Between meetings in North Carolina I would pump in my car, while driving on the highway. Super safe. No pumping & driving? 


What's your favorite part (so far) about working at Mamava?
This could take up the entire post. Do I have to just choose a favorite thing? I am sincerely humbled by the opportunity to work for a company so dedicated to its mission, which is one that I so sincerely believe in. I am grateful to be a part of something that is both solving a problem that I have lived and moving a community and a country forward. 


What's been most surprising to you since starting here two weeks ago? 

I am laughing at myself almost daily that I thought I would have the opportunity to sit down and breathe and have the time to think for a hot minute. Not so much! My second week here at Mamava I had the experience of a lifetime traveling to Washington D.C. with our co-founders "lobbying" for lactation reform on Capitol Hill, and meeting with so many interested Mamava partners. We've received 50 requests for Mamavas since I've started... that is insane. Mamava is on the brink of her greatness and there is so much to do! 


Where do you MOST want to see Mamava suites today?

RETAIL! Maybe it’s just because I'm coming out of the grocery world, but I truly believe that moms need these pods in public places. I can’t wait for the day that it is a very natural thing to say, when you are away from your baby, "I need to find a Whole Foods or a Starbucks so that I can grab some lunch or a coffee and pump for 15 minutes." 


What does Asher think of our pods? 

Asher is "PUMPED" on our pods (pun intended!). While we fortunately had a very comfortable time breastfeeding together in public, during our few solo travel times, we were so grateful to come upon Mamava pods in airports. The Mamava was a great place to pause, set down all the baby gear I was carrying (including him), and take a break together.