Thoughts after the Nashville Women In Aviation Conference

It would be all too easy to talk about Mamava’s first-ever experience as a conference exhibitor in terms of the great business opportunity that it represented for Mamava. Sure, I made great contacts in Nashville at the Women in Aviation International conference. I got plenty of business cards, talked with scores of women and men about Mamava, and am confident that good things will come out of the experience for our Company. I was honored to be sent as the ambassador for our young company. The time is ripe for our mission, our message, and yes, our product.

The larger experience at the conference was deeply profound, and very personal. What I discovered is that there is a yearning for community and connection that transcends all boundaries—racial, ethnic, class, religion, experience, age—and that what most people want is to be seen, listened to, and acknowledged. I loved hearing their stories.


Whether talking with the professional drummer about the highs he experiences when playing in total sync with other band members and our shared understanding of the power of the creative force when it’s at its best; the group of smart, kind, devoted Nigerian women who traveled great distances to be at this conference; the woman in Monell’s Restaurant with whom I shared a special moment of understanding about the power of sharing a family-style meal with people from vastly different cultures and backgrounds---these experiences made my time in Nashville powerful and special. 


I met and talked with all kinds of grateful moms (and some babies!) from many walks of life, holding positions that leave them all--pilot, mechanic, flight attendant, traveler, airport ground crew, military aviator, flight school educator, engineer—vulnerable to being left out or forgotten or sent to a bathroom to pump or feed their baby in private. One would think that our country today, as advanced as we are, would have figured this out by now.


The really good news is that women who are having babies now (Go, Millenials!), and those of us who are their advocates, have found their voice, and are using it!  They are demanding accommodations and they are not backing down. They now know that Mamava is their hero because we have created a thoroughly viable option. Mamava is showing these women—and men-- that our business will support them in their determination to do the very best that they can do for their babies’ well-being and for their healthy future. We are honored to work alongside them and optimistic about what this means for our Company and for the world.