Mamava in 120 Seconds

In less than one month’s time, Mamava will be alongside nine other finalists, pitching our Mamava suites before a panel of judges at the final InnovateHER competition. The event takes place in our nation’s capitol where our co-founders, Sascha and Christine, have but ONE slide and TWO minutes to communicate:


How two passionate and driven working moms, 


From a graphic design firm in Burlington, VT,


Recognized that of the roughly 3,000,000 women in the US that initiate breastfeeding annually,


Only 16.4% make it to meet the World Health Organization’s recommended goal of six months exclusive breastfeeding.


And so, they applied their design skills to solve a problem that every breastfeeding mom faces.


With the help of their colleagues, community, and The Affordable Care Act, the Mamava lactation suite came to be:

And with this, these boss ladies are revolutionizing the culture of breastfeeding. They’re providing mamas with dignified spaces in which to pump or breastfeed. 

They’re getting nursing moms out of storage closets and bathroom stalls.


They’re reminding passersby that breastfeeding is happen – here, now, and not always breast-to-babe, but often breast-to-pump, (Because let’s not forget, our country doesn’t have a Federal Paid Leave policy). They’re providing an easy solution to meet ACA compliance and soon. They’ll be helping Federal buildings comply with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton new bill, which, if passed, will require every federally owned building to host a lactation space. And now, One-by-one these suites are being installed, from JFK to OAK, in schools, convention centers, airports and more!

And all the while our mama customers are thanking us daily with their tweetsposts, and letters. And that’s just the beginning. There are endless reasons for why we need Mamavas – be they the facts about letdown, the health of the baby, the health of mama, or the endless market for our suites in general. How will Sascha and Christine convey all that in two minutes? Well seeing as how they’ve come this far, they’re clearly superheroes, so really it should be no big deal.

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