Farewell, Mamava!

Almost two years ago today, I wrote my first blog post as a Mamava intern. Entitled, “Hello Camp Champ Mamas!” I wrote about how proud I was to be attending a college that provides their breastfeeding students and staff with the accommodations they not only deserve, but are entitled to under the 2010 Affordable Care Act.


Two years later, I have seen over 50 Mamavas get installed nationwide, and with that I’ve seen hundreds of mamas come forward with their kind words, warm hearts and ever lasting gratitude for what Mamava does for women everywhere. Mamava is not just working to provide accommodations for nursing and pumping mamas, we are de-stigmatizing and normalizing breastfeeding, one pod, one employer, and one comforted and accommodated mama at a time.


Now, I say we, as if I’m not leaving – I am, but with me I will take the great insights and experiences I’ve acquired here. I am graduating this spring, and have accepted my first full time job with the University of Vermont Medical Center. While my time with Mamava has come to a close, never will I stop believing in, or standing up for what Sascha and Christine have put into motion. This company, this family, has helped shape who I am as working woman, and who I someday will be as a working mama. Never again will I be embarrassed for anything having to do with being a woman, I am empowered and I am determined, and I will see the day when women are treated equally not only in the workforce but also in society. Paid maternity leave and nursing accommodations in the workplace are just the beginning.


I am sad to go, but so grateful to have been a part of this revolution for the past two years. I do not need to wish Mamava the best of luck, or hope that good things will come – they are determined and well on track to change society. I just hope I can keep up with them from afar.

Yes, and….