What we're thankful for

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at Mamava. One of our core values is “feed the body, feed the soul,” so we love any celebration that has good food at the heart of it!  But we also love that Thanksgiving offers us time to connect with friends and family, and to reflect and give thanks.  


First and foremost, the Mamava team is thankful for all of YOU--the amazing community of mamas who share with us daily your experiences and stories of pumping and breastfeeding. Every single Facebook comment and Instagram picture of a happy nourished babe makes us smile and reaffirms our commitment to supporting mamas. Thank you for letting us know we’re making a difference--you’re the reason we do this work and we couldn’t do it without you!


We’re also thankful that places all around the country are finally recognizing that nursing mamas are everywhere.  From hospitals to sports arenas, there’s growing interest in ensuring that all mamas have access to quiet, comfortable, and secure places to pump or nurse wherever and whenever they choose.


And finally, we’re thankful to be part of a small team of committed lactivists working together to change the culture of breastfeeding for the better. What started as a glimmer of an idea many years ago has come into being and we’re thankful for all the support, feedback, and inspiration we’ve received (and continue to receive) from our family, communities, and fellow lactivists around the country!


We hope you’re reading this surrounded by loved ones and little ones (and a slice or two of pumpkin pie). Here’s to you, mama! Thank you for sharing your stories and pictures. We love hearing from you and we love making your lives just a little bit easier:)


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