In Search of Peace & Quiet: Breastfeeding Mamas & Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving travel is always stressful, but for nursing mamas it poses a special challenge. Of all the places nursing mamas visit, busy airports are the hardest to navigate. To help you plan your travels and take some of the stress out of air travel, here’s a list of airports across the country that have installed Mamava Lactation Suites: Atlanta, Austin, Boise, Burlington, Baltimore Washington International, Milwaukee General Mitchell, Jacksonville, JFK, Key West, LaGuardia, Logan, Miami, Newark, Oakland, Palm Beach, San Antonio, and Spokane. Our goal is to ensure that this list grows longer every day! For more sites and places, be sure to check out our mobile app (exciting new features and Android app coming next month) and our website


We’ve intentionally designed Mamava lactation suites to be an oasis in a crowded airport, but they can also be a saving grace if you’ve got an easily distracted little one. And there’s plenty of room for luggage and additional traveling companions, should you need to contain any runaway toddlers!

And we love Jessica Shortall’s tips from Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work:


1. Pumping on the plane. Pumping in an airplane bathroom is terrible, but if you can do it, make friends with the flight attendant before you go in, and don't use the water. If you pump in your seat, wrap something around yourself and ignore your seatmates. If anyone gives you grief, remind the flight attendant that several major airlines have had serious social media problems for treating a pumping passenger poorly.


2. Keeping your milk cold. Breastmilk can survive several hours at room temperature, but you can always ask an airport bartender or a flight attendant to fill some spare breastmilk storage bags with ice.


3. Bringing your milk home. If you're flying in the U.S., breastmilk is "liquid medication." You are allowed to bring as much of it as you want through security, regardless of whether your baby is with you. You can also refuse to have it opened and they'll screen it another way. Google "TSA breastmilk" to pull up their own guidelines if the agent disagrees with you!


No matter where you’re going or how you’re getting there, here’s to safe travels, nourished babies, and happy mamas everywhere!