Welcome Lisa!

Like any wonderful emerging company, our little start-up is growing! Just a few months ago we welcomed Annie, our Sales Account Strategist, and today we're welcoming Lisa, our Healthcare Account Executive. Like all of us, Lisa's hit the grounding running, but we still managed to grab a few moments of her time for a brief interview! Enjoy!


What brought you to Mamava?

Somehow (thankfully) I came across a post regarding the use of a Mamava unit and I was immediately drawn to it as I have breastfed all 3 of our children while working and travelling and feel the pain that Mamava fills! Once I saw the post, I went to the website and read about the company. I then reached out and expressed my appreciation and my desire to help in any way possible to help Mamava be a much needed mainstream brand!


Most awkward pumping experience?

Two come to mind. The first was after I had my first child and I was at a bachelorette party. I was one of the first women to have had a child so pumping was not as mainstream with the group I was hanging out with. I did not want to have to stop being part of the fun we were having and we were playing cards at the time so I just told everyone, "Ladies, I am going to be pumping now." With that, I pulled out my pump and just started pumping right at the table. There are friends I met that night that I still have to this day and I think they really appreciated my commitment to breastfeeding and my commitment to not making it a shameful thing!! The story still comes up to this day. 


The second is more depressing. It involves me sitting on the floor of a gross bathroom stall in Atlanta airport pumping as fast as I can to not miss my plane and having those waiting in the line to use the restroom pounding on the door asking me what am I doing in there!! That was not a great feeling and it was much to many of their surprise when I emerged with my pump, luggage and 2 bottles filled with liquid gold!! It was mostly depressing to me that there was nowhere for me to go.


As a mama who has breastfed 3 kids, what one piece of advice do you wish you had before you were a mama?

Just chill out!!! Having kids teaches you that you have no control over anything except how you behave in good times and bad times and regardless of what you teach them, they will always exemplify what they see, not what they hear. Reacting to all situations as calmly as possible, not sweating the small stuff, having empathy and respect for themselves as well as those around them is what they need to witness. Oh yeah, and the ability to be in the moment and have a good laugh can really turn your day around! They are the best!


If you could add one function or accessory to a Mamava pod, what would it be?

I think streaming music would be cool. Sometimes you just need to tune out and focus on the task at hand! 


How do you feel about Sticky notes? 

They kind of stress me out because they tend to be where you write down really important things but they are also the thing I always have the hardest time finding!! I always have them around but I don't use them too often for that reason :)


Favorite go to work snack?

Nut mix of raw almonds, cashews, craisins, possibly some M&Ms and any other things that may be laying around.


If you could place ONE Mamava anywhere you want - where would you put it? 

The mall! This is a place I found myself scouting out good places to go and breastfeed all of the time and a place that all moms go with their kids. 


What part of Mamava are you most pumped about?

The ability to be a part of a company that is really going to change the lives of breastfeeding moms and their families. The ability to breastfeed a child is imperative in so many ways from the health of both mom and child, bonding, keeping that bond even if you need to travel or work (so it decreases mom guilt a little) and just the beauty of the body and how it works to nourish our children. I have a strong background in science so I am constantly amazed by how we are made. Mamava is what I had been looking for for many years while breastfeeding my children and being a part of that growth and helping change the culture of breastfeeding is exactly what I am most pumped about!!