MomsEveryday, Mamavas Everywhere!

Airports. Stadiums. Zoos. Public Schools. Grocery Stores. Mamavas are popping up in all sorts of spaces, and where they’re missing there’s a clear need. Think this week’s news of Karina at Marshalls, or the cultural need to #normalizebreastfeeding spearheaded by Military Momsor the many online petitions requesting more public spaces to take action to support breastfeeding. Will Gillette Stadium be next to host a Mamava pod?

Where Mamavas are found, they’re loved. Where Mamavas are missing, they’re desired.

MomsEveryday – a site dedicated to making mom’s lives easier – caught wind of our society’s affinity for Mamavas and immediately requested an interview with our co-founder, Sascha. Watch the 3 minute video here.


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