We've Come a Long Way, Austin...

From a storage room that doubled as a “Mothers’ Room”, to two Mamava installations, the Austin Convention Center can officially be added to the list of breastfeeding friendly places.                                  

Back in 2013, when Sascha sat on the panel of Design Simple: Of, By and For the People at the SXSW Eco Conference, the only amenity offered to women needing to nurse or pump was a storage room closet. Just shy of two years later, Sascha worked with the staff at Austin Convention Center who installed two units in early July.


The first unit can be found on under the Palazzo stairs and the second is in Palmer, on the ground floor next to the north side elevator.

We are so pleased to see the progression of Austin’ efforts in providing accommodation for nursing women and we hope to see more convention centers following in their footsteps soon.