A Thousand Words is Worth A Picture

We’ve all heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to share a piece written by Jodi Kantor for the New York Times Insider, a blog that tells the story behind the story. It was Jodi’s original article in 2006 that sparked the idea for Mamava –one might say a thousand words that formed a picture in my mind of what is today our lactation pod. There are key dates in the evolution of Mamava that are truly auspicious, poetic even, I can’t help believe there are higher forces at play.


Labor Day 2006: Jodi’s original article ran in the NYT


Labor Day weekend 2013: first Mamava installed at BTV


Mother’s Day 2014: our manufacturer and sales partner is abruptly and permanently shut down due to legal troubles.


This last event turned out to be both the worst and luckiest day in our business journey. Thanks to the help of David Jaacks we found a great new manufacturing partner, we are now handling our own sales, and we have units in or on their way to 14 states, with more delivering every week. Mamavas are in airports, malls, businesses, government buildings, hospitals, colleges, and soon convention centers and even a zoo. This week in honor of Mothers Day four Seventh Generation sponsored Mamava pods were installed at Port Authority of New York and New Jersey airports. The story with pictures of the units was picked up around the world in places as far away as Germany and Thailand.


This is truly a Mother’s Day to celebrate.