International Breastfeeding Conversation

(Courtesy of Crescer) (Courtesy of Crescer)

Hi Mama’s and Friends!


As it turns out, the United States is not the only nation discussing a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. This topic has sparked fascinating conversation worldwide. Just recently, Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, passed legislation to help eliminate discrimination towards mothers who choose to nurse in public. Under this new law, any public or private entity that tries to prevent women from breastfeeding their babies can be fined up to £100 ($150). We whole-heartedly endorse this piece of legislation.


On Monday, a Brazilian parenting magazine, Crescer, which translates to “To Grow Up” in English, published an article educating people on the purpose and design of Mamava. The piece describes various amenities included in Mamava lactation suites and closes with the question, “What do you think of that breastfeeding cabin?”


We are excited to see this question generating international conversation because breastfeeding in public is not a challenge designated to any one region of the world. Cultural and legislative variations across the globe contribute to the complexity and understanding of pumping and breastfeeding. As we know, these factors have the ability to strongly influence societal perception. Mamava was initially established to deliver solutions for mothers who pump or breastfeed on the go. In contrast to the non-existent maternity leave allotment in the United States, Brazil provides a minimum of 120-days for new mothers. Therefore, finding a place to pump in public during the first four months may not be as much of an issue there as it is in America. Regardless of the circumstances in each country, we must remain empathetic to every mother’s situation worldwide in order to continue to see progress. We love the passion that surrounds this topic. Lets keep the discussion going!