Mother Earth Day

Hi Mamas and Friends!


Did you know today is International Earth Day? People all across the world are finding ways to demonstrate their support for environmental protection. While some are taking the day to plant trees, others are picking up litter in their communities. Thanks to Senator Gaylord Nelson who created Earth Day in the spring 1970, there is now a series of laws in place to help preserve the planet.


Believe it or not, Mother Earth also benefits from mothers who breastfeed. Breast milk is a natural sustainable resource that requires zero packaging, shipping or disposal. Breastfeeding does not waste scarce resources or contribute to pollution in any way. In fact, breast milk is said to be the most ecologically sound food source in existence!  According to extensive research, the act of breastfeeding also significantly reduces the inefficient use of land, deforestation and soil erosion carried out to produce artificial baby milk.


We are pleased to see the way the environmental movement aligns with the beauty of breastfeeding. Today is about celebrating your body and the planet. Happy Earth Day everyone!

(Photo by Phillip Henry: Grizzly Sow breastfeeding her baby cubs) (Photo by Phillip Henry: Grizzly Sow breastfeeding her baby cubs)