For Love and Money

The things one goes through for the sake of their business. Today Christine and I were at Sugarbush Resort with 120 entrepreneurs and investors at the Peak Pitch hosted by FreshTracks Capital and a number of other great Vermont business. Peak PitchVermont is a skiing, networking and fundraising event. The idea is that entrepreneurs are paired on a chairlift with an investor or advisor, and given the five minute lift ride to make their pitch. Picture Shark Tank, only wearing helmets and goggles, 30 mile an hour winds, and a wind chill factor of negative 10. Also a male female ratio of 20 to 1, instead of the 4:1 on Shark Tank.


If entrepreneurs convince the investor their pitch has merit they are given a million dollar “check”. At the end of the morning the entrepreneurs who have earned the most “checks” win. I have never felt so lucky to have Christine as a partner! She’s an avid telemark skier, and was able not only to sweet talk her lift mates into handing over their checks, but then whip down the mountain to get back in line. It took me twice as long on my snowboard. In the end we made a ton of great contacts, had a lot of practice improving our pitch, and were awarded second place and the chance to pitch to the entire group at lunch (the first place went to a ski company). Got to love Vermont!