The Unnecessary Trade Off

A guest blog post from our friend, Mike Miller, seen below cutting the ribbon at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Mark Miller (Second from Left) Mark Miller (Second from Left)

Recently I wrote an e-mail to a retired maternity leader over in New Hampshire. I shared that I really can’t imagine how many women stay home from events because they desire a private place to nurse, or because their child is fussy, or they are pumping. There are always trade-offs in life but in so many cases, this isn’t one that needs to take place – a nursing mom staying home because of a need this simple. After 40 weeks of pregnancy and a very physical birth there are so many things like birthing accommodation that we as a community should do.


I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. In a recent blog post he wrote, “Give the people what they want isn’t nearly as powerful as teaching them what they need.” He suggests that we can take “shortcuts,” or take “time and invest in a process that helps people see what they truly need. When we change our culture in this direction, we’re doing work worth sharing.” (Read the Seth’s entire post here:


There might be a time when all facilities and employers are building in lactation rooms, but for now, the stand alone option Mamava offers seems so much more important to me because of the story it shares and the conversations it provokes. It brings this act, which is so fundamental and crucial to the infant to the front of our mind and maybe above the noise of life.