Happy Holidays!

Chanukah has passed, Christmas is but two days away, and one week later 2016 is upon us! 2015 has been a whirlwind, with so many incredible milestones to celebrate.


First and foremost, we celebrate the babies (especially babies in stockings!):

Most recently, we are celebrating this brand new Mamava munchkin – sweet baby Esmee – born just last week. And then we celebrate the boobies, and the amazing nutrition they provide.


We celebrate our new and beautiful office space. We celebrate our fabulous new employees (four of them!), and our wonderful CEO. We celebrate the 50+ new Mamava suites that span from the east to west coast across the US. We celebrate our wonderful sales team who has worked diligently to make this happen. We celebrate Kevin Warren, of the Minnesota Vikings, who’s been an incredible advocate on our behalf. We celebrate our partners, customers, fans, and supporters who have all rallied together to bring us to where we stand today.


Thank you all for being a part of the thriving company and community that is Mamava. We wish you the happiest of holidays!!