Lactation Support for Public Schools!

Mamava gave the winning presentation at the Small Business Association’s InnovateHER pitch competition just two weeks ago. Our CEO, Sascha, had five minutes to pitch, and three minutes to answer questions. One of the two follow-up questions was, “What’s the market potential for these suites?” to which Sascha responded, “Infinite.”


And it’s true. Everyday roughly 350,000 babies are born around the world. Literally, new moms are everywhere.


Of course we’d like to see Mamavas suites (or other forms of dedicated space for breastpumping and/or feeding) wherever breastfeeding moms are (everywhere), but we’re not there yet. In the meantime, it’s important we celebrate each new sector that installs a dedicated lactation space.


This week, our shout out goes to Montecito Union and Allentown School Districts – the first two schools to install Mamava suites. Given that the Affordable Care Act provides lactation support to hourly employees only, salaried teachers do not fall under this protection. Thus, all the more applause to these two schools for taking initiative on their own accord!


Nationally we have about 100,000 public schools, and according to the National Center for Education Statistics, the ratio of female to male teachers is growing larger by the year. Most recently, it was shown that women make up roughly 75% of teachers for elementary and secondary schools. Of those women, approximately 40% are under the age of 40 – a prime demographic for new and expecting mamas.

Teachers at both Montecito and Allentown school districts returning from maternity leave will now be more likely to meet their breastfeeding goals, and will feel more supported during their transition back to work. Happier teachers, healthier babies, and better employee retention. The benefits of installing a lactation space are positive for all – employer, employee, and baby.

Congratulations and huge kudos to these two schools. We can’t wait to hear who will be next!