Nursing and Traveling for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel holiday of the year, with over 46MM people traveling to be with their friends and family. It’s truly a holiday filled with planes, trains, and automobiles.


For the breastfeeding mom, the irregular schedule of travel can really throw things off (as can the stress). And so we are here, mamas, to help you prepare for the journey ahead.


Mamava has a mobile app dedicated to help nursing moms find the nursing-friendly space nearest them. Users can submit new nursing-friendly locations as they come upon them, and/or they can view and find the 500+ locations that have already been recommended.

While public breastfeeding is always an option, we know that some mamas might need to use a breastpump, have to feed alongside toddler “runners,” have an easily distracted nurser, or have personal trouble with milk let-down given the chaos of the surrounding environment. A Mamava or nursing lounge can help with each of these circumstances by providing an electrical outlet, a comfortable space, and privacy.


So! Download the app today. We have released an updated iOS version and launched a beta Android version. For both, please know that your feedback is essential for us to ensure it’s up to par and as useful as it can be. Please review recommended lactation spaces, submit new nursing-friendly spaces as you come across them, and if you experience any glitches or have any general feedback and ideas – I’m all ears: [email protected]


Safe travels, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Brittany and the Mamava Team