Nobody said Breastfeeding was Easy…. “but is it ever worth it.”

This week’s post is in honor of Wednesday – our founder’s sweet niece, whose mother, Nikki, contributes weekly updates of her and Wednesday’s breastfeeding experience. Today Wednesday is 35 weeks, and experiencing her first cold. The following quote from Nikki articulates beautifully the tough, but rewarding reality that is breastfeeding:


“This week Wednesday finally got a cold. Her discomfort with congestion and teething turned her sleep patterns (already not great) into an endless back and forth between nursing, and crib, and sleeping in mama’s arms. I have to admit I hit a low point on the third consecutive night of sleep for no longer than two hours at a stretch. As she wailed in my arms I cried and bounced her on the Swedish ball. I thought if someone else could feed her (i.e. formula), then I could sleep. Then I wouldn’t be dehydrated and hungry all the time. Then I wouldn’t still have the hemorrhoids left over from pregnancy only exasperated by sitting up all hours nursing. Then I could leave the house without her (or a pump). Then I could snuggle longer with my son. Then I could have pillow talk with my husband. Then I could wear a dress.  And then – she drifted into sleep. And as I cradled her close and sniffed the warm beeswax scent of her head I remembered how much she needs me. My body feeds her body and for this tiny creature to have gone eight months without so much as a sniffle, well, my temporary discomfort is small price to pay for such a blessing. Breastfeeding mamas need as much support as family friends and society can give because it is really really hard but is it ever worth it.”