We’re Seeing Steps Towards a Better Future!

October 21st 2015 was a day of impressive accomplishments- not only for those who are in awe of Back to the Future’s predictions about 2015, but also for the working women of New York. Governor Cuomo, backed by A Better Balance, signed into law new legislation that protects and advances women in the workplace.


For nursing or soon-to-be mamas, this new legislation provides pregnancy and breastfeeding accommodations. The pregnancy accommodations range from modified work schedules with less physically demanding tasks, to adequate break times for water and rest, and ensured maternity leave after childbirth.


For nursing and working mamas, these new laws mean time, space and support. Time to pump during the work day with at least three 20 minute breaks throughout the day, a space provided by employers that are clean, private and NOT a bathroom, and lastly, a supportive work environment for mamas to pump or nurse without judgment. Other legislation enacted includes workplace protection for equal pay, more stringent sexual harassment laws, and protection for families of all shapes, sizes, and traditions.   Mamava would like to thank Governor Cuomo and his office for recognizing the validity and seriousness of these needs and providing working women with the support and protection they deserve. We hope this will be the first of many women oriented legislative changes, both within the State of New York and across the country.


*For employers looking to provide their working mamas with a safe, clean, and private place to nurse or pump, visit our Mamava Lactation Suite page.