On the Eve of ABC Kids Expo

We’ve been busy getting ready for our first big trade show sponsorship, the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. Christine and I are headed out to see our babies in action and meet with a lot of great brands who are also working hard to make the world a better  place for breastfeeding mamas.  In my zero minutes of free time lately, I some how found this great piece from Ross McCammon at Entrepreneur Magazine, which is keeping me energized and grounded (along with the delicious mocha latte from Maglianero Cafe upstairs).  Here’s an excerpt:

““A great idea is not something you come up with. How banal is that? No, a great idea is something you’re assaulted by. A great idea forces you to confront it. A great idea is like a newspaper wrapped around your face in a windstorm, an octopus thrown at your head, one of those giant swinging logs in Return of the Jedi.

A brilliant idea is terrifying. And the terror is two-pronged–a hayfork of predicament.

Prong 1 is The Inherent Problem in the Idea. You’ve put yourself in a position to encounter problems, after all, with an idea that highlights inertia or morass. So problems will come. Awful. Prong 2 is the Work Demanded of the Idea. We tend to think of the idea as a kind of ending It’s not an ending, of course. The idea is all beginning…. The idea is a baby…no a prophet…no, a baby prophet that you didn’t invite into your life. And now it must be fed and venerated.””

Wish us luck and give us strength!