Today JDK, the design studio where Mamava was born, and where Christine and I have worked collectively for about 35 years(!) unveiled a new name and identity, we will now be called Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, like Mamava Solidarity is a Jager Design Project, working in connection and collaboration with an amazing group of talented designers, brand managers, copywriters, strategists, accountants, developers, film makers, illustrators, etc…

“Solidarity represents the unity of a focused group of design professionals who, along with clients, create a cohesive partnership that nurtures ideas and collaboratively builds better brands internationally. Unbridled perfectly captures the act of breaking free from the traditional marketing frameworks and constraints that limit creativity, in addition to acknowledging 30 years in the making, the vast unbridled network of talent of the Solidarity collaborators. Labour acknowledges the passion, energy and intention that the team and its client collaborators pour into what they create. The word honors the “makers” passion that brings the work to life and drives meaningful results.”

Happy LabOUR Day!